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Madame Luckerniddle - ENGLISH

by Tom Cora , Luc Ex , Zeena Parkins , and Michael Vatcher ,

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During 1998, master musicians TOM CORA, ZEENA PARKINS, LUC EX and MICHAEL VATCHER are playing on stage at Atelier du Rhin in the city of Colmar (France) for a musical creation of the production "Saint Joan of the Stockyards" from Bertolt Brecht. The Fédération Hiéro Colmar ask the musicians to play their songs, but out of any staging.
Thus takes place an exceptional concert called Madame Luckerniddle 
during a music and cinema "carte blanche" given to Tom Cora.
Tom Cora will die a few months later.
Nearly 15 years after his death, the Fédération Hiéro Colmar celebrates this essential and unforgettable artist by editing the recording of this single concert as a double vinyl.


LP01 - SIDE A : 21'19
LP01 - SIDE B : 23'14
LP02 - SIDE A : 19'19
LP02 - SIDE B : 22'24

Recorded the 26th of January 1998 in Manufacture of Colmar.
Musicians : Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, Luc Ex, Michael Vatcher
Mastering and edition : Aigle Noir
Project managers : Julie Goulon & Jean-Damien Collin
Label : Les Phonogrammes de la Langue de Chat from The Fédération Hiéro Colmar

La Manufacture / Monday, January 26th 1998

Madame Luckerniddle

To extend the performance of Saint Joan of the Stockyards, 
the character of MADAME LUCKERNIDDLE reincarnates tonight as a never seen quartet : Tom CORA (cello), Zeena PARKINS (electric harp, piano, accordion), Michael VATCHER (drums) and Luc EX (bass) retake in their own way and free, extracts from the play, going in for their favorite game : improvisation and combination.
This rare quality band is the result of successive meetings (SKELETON CREW, THE EX, ROOF), and their common interest in all forms of artistic expression : video, cinema, dance, theater.

"Saint Joan of the Stockyards" from Bertolt Brecht

1930 : Brecht is 32 years old. The year before, the Wall Street crash ruined the USA. In 1931, german banks suffer the same fate.
Nazis uses unemployement, poverty and despair to take all the power. 
During this chaos, Brecht writes "Saint Joan of the Stockyards".
The play puts together meat canneries bosses in traffic with meat-traders, their locked-out workers, the Black Hats humanitarian organisation, farmers, speculators, journalists, beggars : the entire city of Chicago. A play made of lucidity and cutting still without a wrinkle.